The Root Cause of Market Failure In Higher Education

RealClearMarkets – The Root Cause of Market Failure In Higher Education.

College participation rates will have to go back down to historical norms. Slots will have to be reserved for students that can actually profit from them, restoring graduation rates to where they were before colleges were flooded with people who don’t belong there, including illiterate freeloaders. Selection will have to be based on merit, not social engineering. Loans will have to be restricted to majors that confer capacity to pay the loans back. Dead-end programs used to train the next generation of professors – whose only skill will be to teach more such dead-end programs – will have to be limited, funded not by taxpayers but by ideological philanthropists with a hankering for fineries like literary criticism and gender studies.

This may seem like common sense to most people, but it strikes horror into the hearts of the liberal professoriate. After years of feathering their nests so they can produce students trained only to bite the hand that feeds them, perhaps it’s time to serve up a few helpings of horror. We can no longer afford to take the snobbery of academics seriously. Taxpayers just don’t have the money to keep them or their young acolytes on the dole.

One thought on “The Root Cause of Market Failure In Higher Education

  1. Mike Jennings says:

    This post reminds me of the across the board shift towards realism in the West. This is characteristic of The Great Correction, the cultural backlash of the economic crisis. Many sectors of public and private infrastructures are seeking to address the economic crisis which seems to have the effect of getting back to some bedrock basics. You can only deceive yourself so long.

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