wally mettsWally Metts is a professor of communication and media at Spring Arbor University where he directs an entirely and only online master’s program. Although for his age and experience he might be considered an early adopter, he manages to keep up mostly by listening to his much more savvy sons. He has owned (or used at work) every model of Mac and has 58 applications on his iPhone.

He has personal blog as well. For contact information, send the text message “wmetts” to 50500.

2 thoughts on “My bio

  1. Dr. Pat Taylor says:

    Wally Metts, do you remember me? We taught together at TTU in Chattanooga YEARS AGO…I taught there 13 years before I left to teach at Dade County High School in Trenton, GA and adjunct at Chattanooga State for 18 years! I taught Latin, English, Drama, and did the yearbook. I am retired now and teach two classes of English at Dalton State. My husband Jerry and I live in Ringgold, GA; Jerry is retired from Red Bank H.S. and aduncts in math. at Northwester Technical College…remember the “The Ready Writer” and remember getting “The Wittenburg Door” in brown wrapper at TTU–remember the “Loyal Opposition” group we sort of formed…I think about then and it seems like a million years ago–a million ideas and a million prayers and searchings ago…After 13 years, I had to come to terms with so many things…only those of us who lived that time and place and situation know what we loved, learned, eventually spurned, but will never forget….would love to hear from you…I always admired your love for God, your honesty, and your scholarship…I have so many mixed feelings; I have finally come to terms with the fact that most of what I experienced there was good, and the lessons I needed to learn probably could have been learned no other way. I know that the last 35+years of teaching were truly affected by my time there. I would love to hear from you. Pat Taylor (B.S. TTU; B.A. TTU; MA in English, Middle TN State Univ; DA in English Middle TN Univ.)

    1. wally metts says:

      Pat- nice to hear from you. And to remember.

      You can get a better sense of where i am on my personal blog, http://thedaysman.com, which I update much more frequently.

      I’m still the loyal opposition, I guess—but it seems a long way down the road.

      Message me on facebook, if you are on it, or I can send you my email address. Love to catch up.


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