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Writer, 40+ years

I’ve enjoyed writing since 7th grade and published my first 40 years ago. Since then I’ve written for newspapers and magazines, with awards in writing and editing from the Associated Press and the Educational Press Association.

I’ve beenblogging about faith and culture over at WordPress for over 20 years.


TEACHER, 45+ years

I started teaching 5th grade at a private school when I was a graduate student and picked up a position as an English professor right after I graduated. That year I taught 10 sections of first-year composition class.

Since then I’ve taught undergraduate and graduate classes in English and communication, including poetry and scriptwriting, journalism, advertising, web, and social media content.

Mentor, 55+ years

When I was in college I worked with teenagers, and soon learned you can’t control people. Or change people. But you can listen to them, encourage them, and help them.

As a student newspaper advisor for 25 years, I mentored many (idealistic) young people. And, at this point in my career, I have since been listening to and encouraging graduate students and colleagues.

Speaker, 55+ years

I taught my first class at church when I was 12, and have been upfront ever since, teaching classes, presenting at conferences, and leading workshops.

A natural introvert, I manage my fears by being prepared. And by focusing on others. It’s easier when it’s not about you.

Dr. Metts’ mentorship and advising were the only reason I was able to complete my Master’s Degree between TWO deployments to Afghanistan. I would have given up if not for his encouragement.


Brad Letner

former student

Wally was encouraging, with a relaxed demeanor that made you feel like an equal while pushing you along.

Charity Cole

former student





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