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Austin Anderson

Former student

Dr. Metts creates an inviting and engaging digital classroom for communication studies.

Gabriel Schray

Former student

An hour or so with you would be invaluable to anyone who is actively seeking growth.

Carrianne Gray

Former student

Wally was always clear and set high expectations for us. He taught with a sense of compassion and challenge that made the work not only enjoyable but relevant.


Amber Ellsworth

Former student

Dr. Metts is wise and professional. His voice is soft and kind, but his lessons have stuck with me for years.

Charity COle

Former student

Wally was encouraging, with a relaxed demeanor that made you feel like an equal while pushing you along.

Brad Letner

Former student

Dr. Metts was the only reason I could complete my Master’s Degree between TWO deployments to Afghanistan. I would have given up if not for his encouragement.


Emily Mitchell

Former student

I have been out of college for almost 20 years, and I know I could reach out to Wally for anything!


Julie Mauer

Former student

Through Wally’s mentorship, I not only honed my writing, but learned to pursue truth and view every situation through a lens of kindness and compassion.

Leah Rose

Former Student

Dr. Metts encouraged me to go beyond the obvious or two-dimensional answers. I am more wise, more creative, and more intentional because of him.





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